Штифты большеберцовые внутрикостномозговые (EN)

The tibial nail enables synthesis of diaphysis fractures of type A, B and distal tibial part of type A (A1, A2) and B (B1, B2) – according to Müller. It is not suitable for proximal fractures stabilisation.

MEDIN implant system of intramedullary tibial nail consists of one nail size, locking screws in distal and proximal part. It is recommended to close the nail with the stopper or it is possible to use compression screw instead of the stopper and to perform static compression of the fracture directly on the operating table.

MEDIN tibial intramedullary nails of diameters from 8 to 10 mm are entire and diameters from 9 to 12 mm are hollow. The nails are without a groove on the surface, have a circular section. There are tibial nails of diameter 8 mm, lengths from 240 to 360 mm after 15 mm. Many nails of diameter 9 and 10 have sizes from 270 to 420 mm. Nails of diameters 11 and 12, sizes from 270 to 390 mm are also available. Proximal 80 mm are curved under 10° and distal 60 mm are curved under 4° in all sizes and lengths. Nails of diameters 8, 9 and 10 mm have a part of proximal 22 mm wider to diameter 11,5 mm. Nails of 12 mm diameters have a part of 22 mm wider to diameter 13 mm. The pre-drilling is done according to the nail diameter, the enlarged proximal part does not have to be considered (it is constructionally solved). E.g. we pre-drill a nail of diameter 11 mm about 1 mm more, which is 12 mm.

The nail is universal, can be used in the left and also in the right tibia.

The tibial nails are made of implant steel (ISO 5832-1) or titanium alloy Ti6Al4V (ISO 5832–3).



Tibial Nail

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